Pride and Prejudice

It is a truth universally acknowledged that …
With this sentence one of the most powerful and delighted love story starts.
This line says so much about what Jane Austen wanted to speak about.
It was all about money. It mostly still is.
When a single man in position much be in want of a wife – why else should he just have money?

I love this book so much. It always cheers up my mood and makes me smile.

But to be honest I was really late in reading it. I was a married woman when I first read the book (with 23). But at least I got obsessed. Not only with P&P but with Jane Austen and her other books.

Since that time I try to read it once a year. This month I’d started it again. But I haven’t had the time to enjoy it by reading, so I’d chose the audio book edition.
I never get enough of Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet.
You may think it’s boring to reread a book but it’s not. Because there is always something new. A new feeling or emotion. A new way in thinking.
For the very first time I’d thought that Mr Charles Bingley is kind of sarcastic. Specially when it comes to Darcys writing skill. He is so lovely and as such a happy spirit.

Jane Bennet.
A shy girl with such a lovely heart. She never would say or think a bad word about a person. Or maybe about Miss Bingley at least.
But she is a really nice person.

I love how Miss Austen created Mrs Bennet. A selfish and low minded woman. She just wants to married her daughters – hopefully as rich as possible. She talks so much nonsense.

Mr Bennet.
He is ignorant but temper. Mr Bennet should stop some of his daughters silliness from time to time.
He loves to read and study. His favorite is Lizzy. 
I think five girls and a silly wife are too much to handle.

Fitzwilliam Darcy. One of the most incredible and amazing fictional person.
I’d never read about someone like him. He is proud and prejudice. He just sees what he wants without much asking.
But he has such a wonderful heart. He protects his friends and sister. He would give everything for the ones he loves. He even helps that person he actually hates.
And he can quote Shakespeare! What a man!

Elizabeth Bennet asks many questions but makes it up on her own. She tries to read in the faces and behaviors of her friends and companions. She observes on her own but  mostly believes her heart when her mind may speaks the truth. When she wants to believe it, it cannot be different. It cannot be true that she makes a mistake. And Lizzy herself would do anything for her friends and sisters. Like walking miles in mud.

George Wickham.
There isn’t much to say about him. Maybe he believes that Darcy may likes Lizzy because he knows this man since childhood. Maybe he firstly saw this little flame in both of them and wanted to ruin what they may have or would have because of his story about Darcy. Why else should he talk so much about something which was none of her business?
The little flame is still there when he runs away with Lydia. He hopes that he gets the money he wanted or otherwise he would have a bit fun and ruin the reputation of Lydia.

Lydia Bennet.
Oh, what a silly person she is. So blind. So young she doesn’t know what love is. Or she knows but she handled too quickly. Without much thinking about consequences.

Mr William Collins.
He is the most awful man in the world. But to write such a man like he is, was a really true gift of Miss Austen.

Charlotte Lucas.
I heard somewhere that Jane Austens first thought was that Charlotte is a lesbian. But at the end she has to do what the best is. A true friend to Lizzy.

Its such an adorable lovestory that I grin all the time. It has everything. Love at first sign with broken hearts. Some action while Lydia run away and old buildings and English countryside. The characters are strong and interesting.
Love and hate someone at the same time. Love and hate. Smile and burst out.
Elizabeth Bennet is a lovely heroine with a strong mind and a sweet heart.
Fitzwilliam Darcy is sexy. What else should I say? He’s tall and good looking. He’s handsome and a gentleman. Honestly but more thoughtful. He is adorable.

If you haven’t read it yet, try it. When you love a really good written book.

Its not about the end but the content.

Wenn die Magie verboten wird und die Liebe ausstirbt, was passiert dann mit einer Welt, die nur dadurch existieren kann?

– Das magische Armband


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