#3 William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

I’ll soon write another post about Shakespeare himself. But for now: the following books I read in 2015.


 Shakespeare Undead: Der Untoten Zähmung

Lori Handeland

Ah, schon wieder so ein Buch bei dem es mir schwer fällt, Punkte zu vergeben.
Shakespeare als Vampir!
Ja, genau! Dieser unglaublich wundervolle Lyriker und Stückeschreiber und Erfinder der unendlichen Liebe! Soll in Wirklichkeit ein Untoter sein, der sich einer Armee aus Zombies gegenüber steht und mit Kate bekämpfen will.
Es ist eine Mischung aus Shakespeare in Love und Romeo und Julia und der Zauberer von Oz (ja, ganz genau).
Es ist dieser Kontrast, der gar nicht so verkehrt ist. Zombies, Vampir und die große Liebe, mit vielen Zitaten aus den Stücken.
Interessant, wie man sich so etwas ausdenken kann. Die Autorin muss sich gut mit den Stücken und dem Barden auskennen. Zudem ist es erkennbar, dass sie sich mit und in London auskannte und das eine oder andere über Königin Elizabeth wusste.
Shakespeare , ein Mann mit vielen Talenten und Seiten. Vor einem Jahr las ich Stolz und Vorurteil und Zombies, nun hat es William erwischt. Ich glaube, niemand ist mehr sicher vor der Zombie-Plage.


 Shakespeare undead

Shakespeare as a #vampire! Yes, really! The guy you know who written all the amazing plays should be undead. He is fighting and beating somw Zombies, but not on his own but with a woman called Kate. It’s a mixure of Shakespeare in love, Romeo and Juliet and Oz and of cause Zombies. I guess the Author knows much about Shakespeare and London and the Queen Elizabeth. Yeah, well. The Zombies are coming, right?!



The Tragedy of Titus Andronicus

William Shakespeare


What is important for a Shakespeare-play?
Lots of blood?
I missed the ghosts but there were enough devils in it. Murderer, rapes.
Cut the hands off.

“Was it well done of […] to slay his daughter… Because she was […] and deflower’d?”
“It was. Andronicus.”
“Your reason?”
“The girl should not survive her shame.”

So, he killed the daughter of the King. why?
Because it happened, what the highness just said before.

Shakespeare always knew what to write and how to impress. Well, the Cook was mad at that time, but it was all for a good cause. Never let someone just live a normal life when he’s a murderer or rapes a girl.


The Rape of Lucrece

William Shakespeare


I always wonder how I could miss books like this. Shakespeares rhimes. Powerful! It was … the rape of Lucrece just says it.
But Lucrece reactions? She once had a strong mind and never would cheat her husband until … it’s not cheating!
It was kind of revenge at the end.

Even it’s rhime it’s still Shakespeare! Not a play or a lovestory but totally powerful!


Venus and Adonis

William Shakespeare


As one of Shakespeares first poems, it is totally powerful and strong.
after some research I found out that there were many more editions of the ryme as I knew before.
William Shakespeare dedicated it to a man called Henry Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton and Baron of Tichfield and signed it with “Your honour’s in all duty, William Shakespeare. You can find that letter before the poem started.

What is it about?
Well, we all know “Adonis”, like “He looked like an Adonis” or kind of this. Venus is also really familair for many of us.
Venus was sick of love. She was so mad about him. Kissed him all over but he didn’t feel the same …
The Goddess of Love spoke a curse, after she lost him forever.

“Fair flowers that are not gather’d in Theiß prime Rot and consume themselves in little time.”

“Love is a spirit all compact of fire , not gross to sink, but light, and will aspire.”



All’s Well That Ends Well

by William Shakespeare


Helena wants to marry Bertram but he wants to go to the king to be sended to the war as a soldier.
Meanwhile the king is ill but Helena promise to have something to heal him.

It’s an interesting drama. Really weird but it is Shakespeare and he is the best to describe scenes between a king and a maid.
I love Shakespeare.

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.

oh, and put a ring on. Maybe it is of the kings, or from Bertram.



Soon to be more about Shakespeare. 

Favorite By these?
After thinking of it, it could be “Venus and Adonis”.

Wenn die Magie verboten wird und die Liebe ausstirbt, was passiert dann mit einer Welt, die nur dadurch existieren kann?

– Das magische Armband


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