#7 Jane Austen (related)

Like you may know from my earlier postings here, I love Jane Austen and her books. Sometimes I read books inspired by her.

Me and Mr Darcy

Alexandra Potter

I wanted to read this book for such a long time and finally I read it.

Let me first start with the good points.
I really loved that Emily was so into Jane Austen. I am, on myself. She made a booktour, over New Years Eve. Which, I really have to add, is absolutely fantastic. I really would like to make such a tour. Just visit the same places Jane did. What a dreamy thought.
Emily is 29 and makes this tour together with some older women from England or Ireland.
She dreamed about Mr Darcy her whole life and she just wants to date a guy like him.
But I can tell you one thing:
Reality and fantasy aren’t the same.
You need to know that Mr Darcy was a man from the 19th century. Good looking guy, aristocratic style and manner. He has his own values. But he is not that bad like Emily just thought at the middle of that book. Just remember about how he looked at Elizabeth after she just came on her own (without a horse or a carriage) to see her sister in Netherfield. She was full of rotten and her dress was a mess. But Mr Darcy was a gentleman. After a while Fitzwilliam figured out how to treat Lizzy and that she totally had a strong mind and she was stubborn. Both were full of pride and both had prejudice.

Okay, just remember this because it’s part of the story. Even there is no Lizzy. It’s the time after the ball in Netherfield and before they finally meet again. Noone really knows what Mr Darcy done during Christmas and New Years Eve. Noone but Emily, of cause.

There are a few points I didn’t liked at all.
At her first night in England she got drunk! Really Common’! She’s an american girl on her first trip to England and just got drunken!
I am 29 and sometimes I drank a bit more than it was good for me. To be honest: I would never drink too much on a trip like that! I mean, she was on a book tour with some other Jane Austen lovers and didn’t really realized it. I don’t want to mention her disaster at the ball after she smoke a joint! Really!
And she never took place at some conversations about the books Miss Austen wrote.
I would LOVE to talk the whole time about one of my heroines. I really love Jane Austens novells. Not just P&P but also her others. I love how Fanny changed, what Edmund did to her and I love that Mr Knightley was always there. He was that guy you just need to love because he is good for you. But Emma was just on a match-making trip and almost ruined everything. Okay, so I’m not so much into Northhanger Abbey but it was more because of Miss Morland.
I liked the Dashwood-girls too.
And of cause I totally felt for Anne. She loved Captain Wentworth so much but was just “Persuaded”.
You see? There are plenty of thing to talk about. Just think about the movies. I loved Colin Firth in that BBC adaption 20 years ago and I loved Matthew MacFadyen who also played Mr Darcy ten years ago. So many good themes to talk about!

But I do loved the fact that she run a bookstore (I would love to live or work in one, too) and that she just changed a lot through the trip.

A guy just like Wickham was in it, too. Of cause he was, right? When a man comes to you and just tell you his whole story something isn’t really correct. Just think about Mr Wickham. George was that sweet and sexy guy everyone loved. But he told some lies. Lizzy believed it, because she wanted to believe it. At that point she really hated Mr Darcy. And at that point of the story she just would believe everything. Everything was so clear for her that she didn’t ask anything at all.

Back to “Me and Mr Darcy”. There is that guy, Spike, a journalist who had to write a story about “Mr Darcy: the dream date”.
Would F. Darcy really be a dream date? A dream is a dream and to be honest: let it there. You can’t compare the perfect guy from the 19th century with a 21st century man. He was a gentleman and nowadays there aren’t many of them. And if, don’t really trust a guy who is too friendly. Every man has a dark side. One day every dark side just breaks out. But not every dark side is mean. For most of them it just means that they don’t bring you flowers anymore or just forget the weddingday.
Never be in a hurry to find true love. It just comes.

But after all, I really liked the beginning and the end.





Hab sehr lange über das Buch nachgedacht!
“Me and Mr Darcy”.
Ich mochte es, am Anfang. Doch dann betrank sich Emily – an ihrem ersten Abend in England!
Sie macht eine Buchtour! Jane Austen! Ein Traum! Wirklich! Auch ich bin 29, aber ich würde mich nicht betrinken und auch keinen Joint während des New Years Eve Ball rauchen! Klar, dass sie halluzinierte.

Ich wollte dieses Buch seit einiger Zeit lesen, hab mich aber immer gedrückt. Solche Bücher können entweder extrem genial sein oder in die Hose gehen. Es ist so ein Mittelding. Drei Sterne. Der Anfang war toll, das Ende auch. Dazwischen? Na ja.

Emily hat ihr ganzes Leben davon geträumt ihren Mr Darcy zu daten.
Fantasy und Realität sind oft wirklich sehr verschieden!
Mr Darcy war ein Mann aus dem 19. Jahrhundert. Sehr aristokratisch, mit sehr guten Manieren und Reich.
Er hatte seine eigenen Wertvorstellungen!
Aber er ist nicht so schlimm, wie es Emily irgendwann beschrieb.
Denkt mur daran, wie er Lizzy anschaute, als sie den weiten Weg nach Netherfield machte um ihre Schwester zu besuchen. Sie war voller Matsch, ihr Haar zerzaust und ihr Kleid dreckig. Aber er schaute sie voller Bewunderung an. Sie zeigte Courage.
Er musste sich ihrer Annehmen und lernte ihren starken Willen kennen und erkannte wie dickköpfig sie war.
Das alles ist ein Teil der Geschichte.
Was machte Mr Darcy eigentlich nach dem Ball im November auf Netherfield? Lizzy traf ihn erst im Frühjahr wieder! Ah, Fitzwilliam suchte andersweitig nach einer Frau. Und begegnete Emily!

Wenn ich auf einer Buchtour wäre, mit anderen die sich ebenso für Jane Austen interessieren, wäre ich hin und weg. So schnell erhält man keine Gelegenheit dazu!
Einen Mr Wickham gab es auch.
Glaubt niemanden, der euch binnen kurzer Zeit seine Lebensgeschichte erzählt!
Zurück zum Buch #meandmrdarcy
Ein Journalist, Spike, war ebenfalls mit von der Partie. Er sollte darüber schreiben, warum die Frauen von Darcy träumen.
Wäre Mr Darcy ein Traumdate?
Ein Traum ist ein Traum. Man kann es nicht mit der Realität vergleichen.
Heutzutage gibt es kaum noch Gentlemen. Wenn ein Mann zu freundlich ist, sollte man aufpassen!


Mr Darcy and the Space-time Continuum



This was a short story about Mr Darcy.
Every Pride and Prejudice Fan knows that moment when Darcy made his first proposal to Lizzy. She listed his worst sides and dumped him.
Darcy got hurt in his pride and while he realized what she said to him, he saw a really heavy light. And he found himself at a Space-Ship – 500 years in the future.

At the beginning I thought:
another book who turns Darcy as a stubborn and too proud man without much sensibility. But I understood that he, Fitzwilliam Darcy, of the Darcys of Pemberley, was just confused about what happened.

I really like the way everything turns out. And the end isn’t really unexpected but really nice.

I love Pride and Prejudice and I think this is a lovely story between two scenes. Nothing what couldn’t happen because he may knocked himself out after Lizzy throw his proposal away. The book is a fast telling story with much love inside.
It totally has something of a Star Trek universe and that’s really amazing. Never imagined Darcy in a Star-Ship. I really like the fact that the Science Fiction became part of the most wonderful lovestory ever. It’s nothing that I didn’t read before but the combination made it to something unique and I guess I’ll read “Mr Darcy falls in love”.

And I like the illustrations inside.
I know the authors from Instagram and I know they’re really into the story.


Mr Darcy falls in love



Before I start with my review I just wanted to thank the author for creating such a lovely book.

“You have bewitched me body and soul” is one of the sentence you’ll never forget from Pride and Prejudice. And Jane Austen just bewitched me. It’s that easy. The first time I read P&P was like a sweet fairytale in England. The story is well known: Elizabeth Bennet meet Mr Darcy at a ball and both don’t  like each other at the beginning.
“First impressions” were made specially because of what Wickham told Lizzy about Fitzwilliam Darcy.
But at Rosings Darcy finally made a proposal to Lizzy but she dumped him and told everything she hated about him …

Anyway. Let me come back to “Mr Darcy falls in love.”
Have you ever wonder how Charles Bingley and Mr Darcy became friends?
Have you ever wonder what happened after the ball at first?
You will get all the answers and much more.
Darcys part of the story.

I really got in love with Darcy, again. In some other books Fitzwilliam never became the chance. You get the imagine that he was just stubborn and mean. But not in this one.
Darcys character was so lovely described that you just can fall in love with him. It was a wonderful read.
Jane Austen would love it herself!

I love the friendship between Bingley and Darcy. Charles was so cute even he had a broken heart.

I could write much more about it but you should make your own opinion of it.

So, thank you Noe and Cindy for writing such a wonderful book. I know it’s lots of work in it and I know that it wasn’t easy to write a book like this. To take one of the sweetest lovestories ever and make it new must be difficult. But at the end you can feel the love for Jane Austen in it. I really enjoyed it. Normally I’m skeptical about books like this. But after reading “Mr Darcy and the Time Space Continuum” it was time to read this.



The Sun also shines for me



It took me a while to write my review but I really loved to read the book.
It makes me feel happy to see how Mary was characterised.
Mary? Who?
Mary Bennet, the middle child of the five sisters. While Jane, Lizzy and Lydia married, Mary was mostly forgotten until her mother decided it’s time for her to find a husband. What’s with Kitty, you now may ask … Well, maybe her time will come one day too.
Mary didn’t feel to need a husband to be herself. She wanted to become something special. Like a woman who can change the world.
Georgiana, Mr Darcys sister, became her best friend.
Mr Wickham once broke her heart but with the help of her brother she really became a lovely woman. A shy woman but with a warm and huge heart.
Mary and Georgiana were more than just friends. They argued like sisters and had fun like friends.
I really enjoyed their friendship because both got their time of joy and both flourished.

I totally like the way the Author writes about the persons we got to know and love from “Pride and Prejudice” and of cause their own story “Mr Darcy falls in love”.
It’s a pleassure to read how the story continued and how everyone turned.
Most “Darcys” aren’t really lovely or handsome but in this part Mr Darcy is such a good heart (and looking) man. It’s not possible not to love him!
Maybe I’m a bit obsessed about P&P and Jane Austen but happily she can still live in her stories and in fan-fictions. After 200 years it’s so sweet to read something which actually Miss Austen could have written. Because this book is in an old-fashioned-style. The Author (Noe and Cindy) took the magic from her into theirs. I really hope more Janites would find these books.
Some more words to Mary:
I love books with quotes. Mary loves to read and it’s really stunning what she actually read. And she remembers so much. She should have every book in her head and can pick up a quote for every situation. That is amazing!
And if you love libaries, you really have to read this one.



The Conversation: with Elizabeth Darcy and Emma Knightley



This eShort is really great. What happens when Elizabeth Darcy (Miss Bennet) and Emma Knightley (Miss Woodhouse) walk into each other? A women talk starts. And what do you think women talk in private?
Emma and Lizzy are simular creatures. They say what they think.
Wouldn’t you love to know what really is in their mind?
And what is with the husbands?




The Daughters of Delaford: A Continuation of “Mrs. Dashwood Returns” and Jane Austen’s “Sense and Sensibility”

Lucia Edgerton


It was a good read, indeed it was. But it was a bit strange with all the wrong quotation marks. Some were missing, others just on the wrong place.
Apart of this it was nice.
Okay, have to say I Started with this even it’s the second part of the sequel. But it didn’t matter because it was a book for it’s own.
About 20years after we met Marianne and Elinore Dashwood. Remember: those sisters fell in love. both unlucky at first Sign. Specially Marianne. She was upset and almost destroyed because of Willoughby.
Their daughters, Allegra and Grace are 20.
One wants to be a writer, the other just a married woman.
It was nice to read about Col.Brandon, Edward Ferras and see what becomes of Willoughby.
And we meet the Tilneys of Nothanger Abby.

I would like to give 3,5 stars but it’s not possible at all.
It was a good book, maybe I have to read the first part to decide but right now I didn’t got the feeling I usually get while reading some sequels of a Jane Austen book. Just like I got while reading “Mr Darcy falls in love” by Noe and Cindy.
But I love how the story continued! S&S was so lovely.




Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen


my every year read.

After reading it in German and in English -many times, watched and loved the movies from 1995/ 2005
I just tried the audiblebook. Never listen to a book before and I really enjoyed it. It was reading by Karen Savage with a good sense of voice changing.
I just love Pride and Prejudice.



Next to the original P&P of cause.

💜Mr Darcy falls in Love💜
💜The Sun also shines for me💜
Both by Noe and Cindy from Texas.

Wenn die Magie verboten wird und die Liebe ausstirbt, was passiert dann mit einer Welt, die nur dadurch existieren kann?

– Das magische Armband


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