#1 Soundtracks “A” part two



My second post for my new project 😄😄
I really loved this series and was sad when it was over.
The show was from 1997-2002.

I just had to buy the soundtrack.
I listened to the songs when I was sad and still love to listen to them.

Here are the tracks by the wonderful Vonda Shepard.

➡ 1. Searchin’ my soul
💿 Titlemusic.
The perfect start. Really catchy. Its a strong song.

➡ 2. Ask the lonely
💿 “When you feel
That you can make it alone
Remember no one is big enough
To go it all alone”
It’s that kind of song you listen when your heart breaks and you just wants some tissues, a bottle of wine and maybe bunches of chocolate.
After a while you stand up and call a friend.

➡ 3. Walk away Renee
💿 Renee was a really good friend of Ally. This song is just perfect.
“Just walk away Renee
You won’t see me follow you back home
The empty sidewalks on my on my block are not the same
You’re not to blame.”

➡ 4. Hooked on a feeling
💿 I love song you have to listen to the text. This one is powerful, you want to dance but also just need a hug.

➡ 5. You belong to me
💿 whereever you are …
“I’ll be lonesome without you
Maybe you’ll be lonesome too
And blue.”
When you love someone who’s far away. When you need someone who’s not there.
Slowly song. A true ballad.

➡ 6. The wildest time of the world
💿 “I have fallen.
I have stood up.”
Really slow, with some piano and guitar.
➡ 7. Someone you use
💿 “Just a shoulder to cry on.
That’s all I’ve been to.”
A bit faster, with some background singer.
Sometimes you just need someone who cares and listen. Bit what if when the shoulder you cry on, has a huge crush on you?
Look at that person, maybe you see the pain.

➡8. The end of the world
💿 love song. Totally. When your heart aches and everything just hurts this song describes it.
Lovely. The dramatic is awesome. Live it.

➡ 9. Tell him
💿 “I know something about love
You’ve gotta want it bad.
If that guy’s got into your blood.
Go out and get him.”
Good advice! But actually a really dancing song. Beat and it’s so fast. Makes me smile.

➡10. Neighborhood
💿 This is a slow song.
The love from your childhood.
Its about Ally and Billy.
Sad and deep. Makes me cry.

➡ 11. Wil you marry me?
💿 the beginning is fast and pop.
She’s almost screaming but it’s a typical Ally song.

➡ 12. It’s in his kiss
💿 Vondas version of Chers super mega song. I love the original but this is amazing too.
Goosebumps. I love it. Bit it’s pretty fast.

➡ 13. I only want to be with you
💿 a ballad.
I couldn’t imagine someone else would sing this songs. Vonda just fits perfect. With her voice and the softness and the power in it.  Even this song is strong with a lovely meaning.

➡ 14. Maryland
💿 “I’ve been thinking
I’ve been thinking, I’ve been thinking too much
I just want to live for a while
And cast my dreams in the wind”

Ally McNeal was full of hopes but her heart was broken and she had a kind of anorexia.
The soundtrack was from 1997/1998


Of cause I have the next soundtrack of that show. I mean: Robert Downey Jr!
I loved his appearance.
He was in the series from 2000-2002

➡ 1. Vonda Shepard
Once in my life
💿 Here is another lovely song.

➡ 2. Vonda Shepard
Home again (written by Carol King)
💿 This is a sweet and lovely song. Goosebumps but you just feel good.

➡ 3. Vonda Shepard
Don’t think twice, it’s all right (by Bob Dylan)
💿 this is a song you can cry while listening. With the guitar and her voice. I don’t know why but the feelings are overwhelming.

➡ 4.Vonda Shepard and Robert Downey Jr.
Chances are (by Bob Seger)
💿 Did you ever listen to his singing voice?
Its rough but sexy. Really.
And this song … dramatic. Together with Vonda he seems to mean it.

➡ 5. Robert Downey Jr. And Sting
Every breath you take. (By Sting)
💿 I have to say, I don’t like the original song. But Sting and Robert together? Awesome! Amazing. Wow! They are both on the top. No one sings the other to the ground.
I’m a fan of Robert Downey Jr. It would be nice to listen more songs with a voice like his. He is not the typical singer. You know that. And he had lots of problems in this period of life. But he us one of the best actors (for me) .

➡6. Vonda Shepard
You and I
💿 she often wrote the songs on her own. Her ballads are amazing. Like this one. You could listen to it when it’s cold and rainy outside and you still feel good.

➡7. Robert Downey Jr
💿 this song was written by himself.
His voice remembers of Stings technically.
Finally a song just for himself. No one else. Just he.
Did I say that he is amazing?

➡ 8. Vonda Shepard
Reasons to believe (written by Tim Hardin)
💿 A pop song.
A thoughtful text I think.

➡ 9. Al Green
How can you mend a broken heart
(Written by Robin Gibb)
💿 you know that song, don’t you? Its also on the Notting Hill Soundtrack.

➡ 10. Tina Turner
When the heartache is over
(By John Reid)
💿 Skip this. I don’t like Tina Turner. Never did and never will. Can’t help myself but I hate her voice.

➡ 11. Barry White
You’re the first, the last, my everything 💿 I guess that this me was just Ally McBeals song. Mr White had an appearance on his own in the series. Before he past away.

➡ 12 love is life
Anastacia and Vonda Shepard
💿 two power voices in one song. I don’t like the screaming at the beginning but the song is okay. Fast, pop but fits.

➡ 13. Vonda Shepard 
Alone again (naturally)
💿 I love the beginning. It just acoustic. After awhile Vondas voice starts and the dramatic and story begins.

➡ 14. Vonda Shepard
Can we still be friends
💿 her voice often makes me feel like crying.

➡ 15. Tom Jones
It’s not unusual
💿 oh, you know that song. You may dance while listening.
“It’s not unusual to be loved by anyone”.
Really true words, Mr Jones (even you didn’t written them).
This song never gets boring. It makes you feel so good.

➡16. Chayanne
Boom boom
💿 uh, ah. No. Please stop the music. Wished Ricky Martin sang this. It would be his style.

Good night for now.

Thanks for reading. 💜

Wenn die Magie verboten wird und die Liebe ausstirbt, was passiert dann mit einer Welt, die nur dadurch existieren kann?

– Das magische Armband


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