#1 Soundtrack “A” Part three


Let me first say:
Jonathan Rhys Meyers is awesome.

➡ 1. Main title
Mark Mancina
💿 lovely introduction
With melody, acoustical riffs and a sweet little voice, no singing but speaking. It’s more like an orchestra.

➡ 2. Bach/ “Break”
Steve Erdody and Jonathan Rhys Meyers
💿 the first part is just melody, like you can imagine because of Bach. But than a strong voice starts. An awesome and incredible voice. Powerful, with a guitar. This crossover is one of my favorites. Jonathan Rhys Meyers singing voice is rough and sexy. Deep but smooth.
You just can melt if you like him.

➡ 3. Moondance
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
💿 just him and a mouth organ.
This time his voice is more like a whisper in the night. Like a sweet dance on the stars

➡ 4. This time
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
💿 He’s awesome on the guitar. He is awesome as an actor. This is a love rock song. Some drums in the background.
Did I tell you that I just can melt by his voice? Great song!

➡ 5. Bari Improv
Kaki King
💿 Nothing but melody, lovely and relaxing. Drums, guitar, but so smooth, a bit fast meanwhile but just enjoyable.

➡ 6. Ritual dance
Kaki King
💿 Melody. Guitar, drums, really really fast at the end.

➡ 7. Raise up
Jamia Simone Nash and Impact Repertory Theater
💿 this is a cute song. Perfect for the movie. With some kids in the background and a soft girl voice in the middle. Watch the movie, you will know what scene this comes from. Powerful!

➡ 8. Dueling guitars
Heitor Pereira and Doug Smith
💿 just guitars. Like the song title promised. I love guitars. So this song is great or this acoustical performance.

➡9. Elgar/ “Something inside”
Steve Erody and Jonathan Rhys Meyers
💿 Starts with Mr Meyers and it’s getting dramatic after a while. Melody meanwhile and that smooth voice from the actor.
This song makes me cry. Its so perfect.

➡ 10. August’s Rhapsody
Mark Mancina
💿 it’s a bit like the beginning,  so maybe it should be the last one. But anyway. So dramatic. Fast, it rushes with a violin.
It also has a bit of “Moondance” and a sweet and soft little voice full of hope. No singing. It’s more an orchestra.

➡ 11. Someday
John Legend
💿 a great soul song full of love and hope. The song fits perfect into the film.

➡ 12. King of the earth
John Ondrasik
💿 a Ballad but with a lot of drama

➡ 13. God bless the child
Chris Botti and Paula Cole
💿starts with a trumpet. Its sounds like a good night song. But it’s getting more and more dramatic. The trumpet fits perfect.

➡14. La bamba
Leon Thomas III
💿 a good mood song. Dance, have fun, enjoy your life.


Lots of songs singing by Jonathan Rhys Meyers. But he is just awesome.
The movie is heartbreaking and I will give it my respect with an own review soon. Not because of the movie but Mr Robin Williams.
I’m a huge Jonathan Rhys Meyers fan and to listen to his singing voice is amazing.
This album gives me inspiration.
I love it not just because of that Irish actor but the songs are great. I love acoustical plays and just melody. Perfect to write on a story. But it is also really heartbreaking.

Wenn die Magie verboten wird und die Liebe ausstirbt, was passiert dann mit einer Welt, die nur dadurch existieren kann?

– Das magische Armband


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