#1 Soundtrack “B” Part one


I just have two “b”s but guess that is okay.
I’m starting with Bridget Jones – the edge of reason.
I don’t have the first one.

➡ 1. Will Young
Your love is king
💿 actually I’d bought the CD just because of this Song. I love Will Young since 2002.
Your love is king is a lovely lovesong.

➡ 2. Jamelia
💿 I bet this Song is well known but don’t like it much at all.

➡ 3. Kylie Minogue
Can’t get you out of my head
💿 you know the song and the dress. But actually it fits good into the story.

➡ 4. Joss Stone
Super duper love
💿  this is a real pop song.

➡ 5. Mary J. Blidge
Sorry seems to be the hardest word
💿 the song was first sang by Blue.
But I love the soul version. Calm, smooth and meaningful.

➡ 6. Robbie Williams
💿Here is another favorite singer of me. The song was made for Bridget!

➡ 7. Jamie Cullum
Everlasting love
💿 it way first came up by Worlds Apart but Mr Cullums version is Jazz pure.

➡8. Barry White
You’re my first, my last, my everything
💿 it was also on the Ally McBeal Soundtrack.

➡9. Beyoncé feat. Jay-Z
Crazy in Love
💿 Don’t like it.

➡ 10. Rufus Wainwrite feat. Dido
I eat dinner (when the hunger’s gone)
💿well, we know Bridget had a kind of eating disorders. Maybe …
But the song is perfect for a heartbreaking feeling.

➡ 11. 10cc
I’m not in Love
💿 when everything just breaks, you can repeat this yourself.

➡ 12. Carly Simon
Nobody does it besser
💿A slow woman voice, really low and smooth. But with a dramical middle part.

➡ 13. Primal Scream
💿having a good time. Being free.

➡ 14. Amy Winehouse
Will you still love me tomorrow
💿 This is an awesome song by a strong and wonderful voice. Rest in peace Amy.

➡ 15. Minnie Riperton
loving you
💿 even the song is nice, I don’t really like it. Next one. Her voice is just too high.

➡ 16. Leona Naess
💿Much better. Should be more popular.

➡ 17. Sting feat. Annie Lennox
We’ll be together
💿 The Police and Eurythmics.
Typical song for these two musicians. Pop, fast. They are really good as a duet.

➡18. Harry Gregson-Williams
Bridget’s theme
💿 Theme song at the end? Should be at first place. But lovely.


I read the three books and can’t wait to see the third part as a movie.
I love Colin Firth and Hugh Grant (even Hugh isn’t in p3).
I don’t really know WHY I bought the Soundtrack. Really. Maybe it was the hype or Mr Darcys fault. But at least I got it and it was nice to listen to it for this project again.

The Soundtrack was released 2004.

Wenn die Magie verboten wird und die Liebe ausstirbt, was passiert dann mit einer Welt, die nur dadurch existieren kann?

– Das magische Armband


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