#1 Books in 2016 ➡ Paper Town ⬅


What do I think?

Kind of typical teenager book, in a teenager language.
Quentin and Margo were friends and neighbors when they were kids but just became neighbors later on.
They didn’t hang up. Until the night before Margo Roth Spiegelman disappeared.
They had fun together.
Margo leaves some clues – just for Q?

So far, so good.
But it’s prom soon and of cause exams should be write. Actually they pupils had to learn.
But Margo leaves and Quention is kind of obsessed in finding her. He calls hid friends but when they hadn’t time (because of prom and the exams) he becomes really angry. Everything should just turns about him and Margo.
Where is she?

Okay, I’m a bit disappointed. Maybe the movie is better?
It wasn’t boring or so but actually I’m not so into the teenager language and grammar. I know, it’s Quentins view and boys think so and talk like this.
And the Story itself was good. But it didn’t get me. I liked the investigation but not so much the end.
Discussion Questions at the end of the book by John Green. I don’t want to spoil But I will write some answers in my review:

1. In there childhood, Margo and Quentin made an horrible discovery. ➡They still have to struggle with this.
Even they never tell it to themselves  but it was something huge.

2. Quentins friends:
Q has two best friends: Ben and Radar. Both are simular but when the strings break everything would comes up to Radar until one moment when Ben just holds his nervous.

3. Quentins and Bens friendship isn’t the best all the time. But he learns how to handle with Ben even he wants to get him out. 

4. Margo may has this feeling that Q was a good friend when she doesn’t want to be alone.

5. Did everyone deserve Margos revenge (text from the back included, no spoiler)? yeah, but not all.

6. Margo is a free spirit bird. She wants to be more on her own.

7.  Margo always leaves some clues. Maybe she choose the person because of the mystery she just wants to be. That someone should get a bit out of themself.

8. Margo is always special. Even she never wants to be.

9. Because of Whitman.

10. At least I can’t get too much into the questions but they are really interesting and gives different kind of view.
And because of this little discussion:

the thoughts are worth it. They are important.
What do you think of yourself?
What do you think about your friends?
And what’s your secret thoughts about the girl or boy next door?
It is about friendship and love, hope and fear. Teenager boys aren’t strong all the time. They have problems and deep thoughts.
It was interesting to read in boys view.
For this kind the 4 Stars are correct. My review could change because of ny blog.
I hope I didn’t spoil too much. But you get  most of the facts from the text behind or wherever you find and research for that book. I could talk so much more about it but I should stop right now.



#aufmargosspuren #margosspuren

Ich bin etwas enttäuschen von diesem Buch. Irgendwie hab ich mir mehr versprochen von.
Trotzdem hab ich vier Sterne vergeben.
Es ist sehr interessant, wie Quentin versucht Margo zu finden. Wie er alles daran setzt, um dieses Rätsel zu lösen.
Aber dafür seinen Freunde vorwerfen, sie würden sich nicht kümmern, finde ich etwas übertrieben. Schließlich ist #AbschlussBall und Prüfungen stehen an. Aber Margo muss genau zu dieser Zeit verschwinden.
Alles dreht sich nur noch um sie in Qs leben.
➡ Ich mochte die Schreibweise nicht ganz so sehr und war vom Ende etwas enttäuscht. Aber die Detektiv Arbeit von Quentin war beeindruckend.

Wenn die Magie verboten wird und die Liebe ausstirbt, was passiert dann mit einer Welt, die nur dadurch existieren kann?

– Das magische Armband


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