#1 Soundtrack “D” part one


Dawson’s Creek.
What else could I say but that I was so in Love with the series and I still think about it with a huge smile.

➡ Sixpence none the Richer
💋 kiss me
💿 back in these days this song was a mega hit.
Did you know that the band released 2012 a new record?  No? Me neither. But now, we know.

➡ 2. Sophie B. Hawkins
Loose your way
💿 she’s also an actress.
The song is slow and sweet.

➡ 3. Chantal Kreviazuk
Feels like home
💿 a sweet ballad. Totally fits into the Story. Heartbreaking and sweet.
You can also find her songs on the soundtracks of Smallville and Charmed.

➡ 4. Shooter
Life’s a b*tch
💿didn’t find something of them. But I like her voice. The song is fast, good to dance. With guitar and drums.

➡ 5. Pj Olsson
Ready for a fall
💿 Paul Josef Olsson is an American singer, lead singer of Alan Parson Project.
Thinking of Dawson and Joey. We loved the both, don’t we?

➡ 6. Wood
Stay you
💿 never forget that the CD is from the 90s.
This is kind of rock, loud but with lots of heart.

➡ 7. Nikki Hassman
Any lucky penny
💿 a bit drama but like a Star in the night.

➡ 8. Shawn Mullins
💿Shawn was in a military marching band.
Kind of country style.

➡9. Heather Nova
London rain (nothing heals me like you do)
💿 Heather Allison Frith.
Alternative singer-songwriter, really known.
I like that song Really much.

➡ 10. Curtis Stigers
To be loved
💿 last record released 2014.
I like his voice. A bit rough.
Thinking about Joey. Poor girl.

➡ 11. Sozzi
Letting go
💿 also known as Kim Styles
So sweet. So heartbreaking.

➡ 12. Adam Cohen
Cry Ophelia
💿 Hamlets Ophelia?
Sounds like.
Was is about Jen? Could be. She was often desperate.

➡ 13. Jessica Simpson
Did you ever love somebody
💿She was just about 19 when she sang this song. Her voice like a whisper in the wind.

➡ 14. B*Witched
Blame it on the weatherman
💿 makes me feel good the song. Like a memory of a good time. Even it’s not but I just can smile.
I love this song. Got the CD by b*witched too.
They are from Ireland.

➡ 15. S.O.A.P
Not like other girls
💿they are from Denmark.
Two sisters.
Good song.

➡ 16. Paula Cole
I don’t want to leave
💿 theme song. At the end of the CD. Makes sense.
This song is beautiful. I really love it. I mean, this is Dawson’s Creek. It will always that song.

Released: 1999


Dawson’s Creek Soundtrack 2

➡ 1. Jessica Simpson
I think I’m in Love
💿 uptempo song.

➡ 2. Evan and Jaron
Crazy for this girl
💿 The twins are more into the country folk music. The song is lovely.
Just Jaron makes music these days.

➡ 3. Train
💿Well known band from the USA.
Last CD : Christmas in Tahoe 2015.

➡ 4. The Jayhawks
In gonna make you love me
💿 This song was also for a commercial spot back in the 90s.
Last CD 2011.
Sounds more like country rock.

➡ 5. Lara Fabian
Givin up on you
💿 1988 4th position at the Eurovision Song Contest.
Last record: 2015.
The song is really soft. A typical Dawson ballad.

➡ 6. Five for fighting
💿John Ondrasik s songs are also on these soundtracks: Scrubs, Smallville, the O.C., JAG and others.
Last CD: 2013.
I really like the song. Love song.

➡ 7. Nine Days
If I am
💿 this is a rock song. The band still exists more or less. But John Hampson, vocal lead, is also Solo on tour.

➡ 8. Shawn Colvin
Never saw blue like that
💿 This is a really lovely and slow heartbreaking song.

➡ 9. Splender
I think God can explain
💿melodic rock. Active years as a band from 1997-2004
I really like that song. It’s rocking.

➡ 10. Michal
Broken boy
💿I really like the song about, you nay imagine, broken hearts.

➡ 11. Pete Yorn
Just another
💿This is a different song. Singer-songwriter, guitar. I think the songs is rock ballad.

➡12. Jessica Simpson
Show me heaven
💿 Takes awhile before the dining starts. I think it’s a great cover version. From Maria McKee.

➡13. Mary Beth Maziarz
Daydream believer
💿 originally by the Monkeey. One of my favorite songs in time.
I really enjoy this slow and sweet version.

➡14. Straw
Watching you sleep
💿 don’t like it that much but it’s okay.

➡15. Toploader
Dancing in the moonlight
💿 this song was really popular.
The band still exists.

➡16. Roachford
From now on
💿I like this song and style.

➡17. A1
Heaven by your side
💿They appeared on a big Reunion show in 2014 with others like Gareth Gates.
The song is typical Boyband but really sweet.

➡18. Paddy Casey
Sweet suburban sky
💿 this guy is from Dublin. Acoustic rock. Like it really much. He’s still making music.

➡19. Dara
💿this is okay.


Dawson’s Creek was such an inspire for me. Not only the songs but the whole series. I loved that there was a guy like Jack. That Pacey grew up and Dawson realized his dream. Joey. She was always a really nice girl with a bog heart and so many problems.

Wenn die Magie verboten wird und die Liebe ausstirbt, was passiert dann mit einer Welt, die nur dadurch existieren kann?

– Das magische Armband


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