#1 Soundtrack “M” part one


McLeods Daughter. I loved this series.
The songs are from the first season.
It’s about Claire and Alex. Even they didn’t get it until, … Sorry, if you didn’t watch it til now, I keep on writing about the series.

The songs are all from Rebecca Lavelle. She has such an awesome voice.
In 2014 she came to “the voice of Germany” but didn’t get it. Just til the battles. I was really upset because she should have more rage in the music business.

McLeods Daughters are from Australia. It’s about Drovers run.

And I cried so much.

➡  1. Understand me
💿 Ballad.
“You want it all and you think that’s okay.
But you don’t want to wait.
It has to be today.

But I
I’ve been around a long long time
And I know what to do.
It’ll be just fine”

I’m listening to this song so often, but to listen it because of my blog fels different.
I love the moment of it. The meaning.

➡ 2. Common Ground
💿 Uptempo Song.
“Got to want it
Got to know
And nothing’s just as it seems
Its not easy
It’s a long, long road to find your dream”

➡ 3. Never enough
💿 Ballad.
“Many fears
Many dreams
Many roads out there
Hide the pain
Behind the smile
Behind the tears”

The girls from Drovers Run are though and strong. But they all have their moments. When nothing works or the heart hurts so much. They have to struggle with it but never tell others what’s inside. Weakness is an enemy.

➡ 4. Don’t judge
💿 don’t judge – don’t believe what you see
Don’t judge – there’s so much more to me
Inside – it’s hard to be clear
Inside – yeah, I feel the fear”

This song could be about Tess or maybe Becky. But Tess McLeod, Claire’s sister, just came from the big city and she never wanted to stay.

➡5. Love you, hate you
💿 Uptempo. I love the mixture between the styles.
“Think.you want me
Won’t go there
But you –
Need me, need me now.”

Tess and Nick. Another lovestory with so many tears.

➡ 6. Heat
💿 “it’s hot tonight
And I love the heat
It makes me sweat
It makes me dream”

The song is kind of sexy.

“And in the middle of the night
I want you here
In the middle of the night
I know you’re near
In the middle of the night
That long hot night”

Claire and Peter. She was crazy about him.

➡7. Am I crazy
💿 “maybe I was wrong
Maybe I’m to blame
I thought I’d see you
It would be the same”

This is such a sad song.

➡ 8. We got it wrong
💿 “hard to know the stakes
So hard to read the signs
The tracks were faint
Made long ago
There’s been so many times
We got it wrong”

I really love the ballads more. You listen to them and maybe need to cry. Think about a sad moment. But you still know that you will never forget.

➡9. The siren’s song
💿 “in the shadow
Of the moment
Is the truth
Of light and dark
Try to touch
What lies between them,
But you’ll never leave a mark.”

I like the changing in the song. From a strong voice into a sweet whisper.

➡ 10. Hopeless case
💿 “Its true – that I love you
That’s right – so very right
But don’t you break my heart
No don’t – although you might
(Cos’ I’m a) hopeless case.”

Another Uptempo Song. Like a dance.

➡ 11. Just a child
💿 “seemed a long way, long ago
Now it’s close, so close to you
Sky above and solid ground
Now it’s close, so close”.


➡ 12. My heart is like a river
💿 “My heart is like a river
My heart is like these hills
They never change
And I never will”.

This is the saddest song from this Soundtrack.


The CD was first released in 2001 but in Germany just 2006, after the first episode aired.
I was a Fan since the first moment. But never got into it after Lisa Chappell left it. I was so sad that I cried.
This Soundtrack is so wonderful.

Wenn die Magie verboten wird und die Liebe ausstirbt, was passiert dann mit einer Welt, die nur dadurch existieren kann?

– Das magische Armband


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