#1 Soundtrack “M” part two


This is one of my favorites. The movie is such a sweet but sad one. I cried so much at the end.
The Soundtrack is so wonderful that I can’t stop listen to it.

I already told you that I love the sound of the 50s and 60s.
The movie was based in 1972.

➡ 1


💿 This is one of the cutest songs.
The lyrics makes me happy.
The Temptations are still there. Sadly not in their original constellation but they are.
Great Rock’n’Roll, R’n’B and doo-wop band. Love their style.



💿 The song is great even I don’t like the voice that much. But it belongs to the movies

➡ 3.


💿 I didn’t know that but their latest album was released in 2015, which is actually more a Live CD.
But in 2011 the album “I’m back” came out.
Funk and Soul.

➡ 4.


💿 remember that Vada had a crush on her teacher? This song was played when she looked at a class photo with him. Really sweet.

➡ 5.


💿 I love this song so much. This is life and happiness. And it feels like summer.
Manfred Mann still makes music.

➡ 6.


💿 The song is really chilled with some guitar and a nice voice.
Todd Rundgrens latest album came out 2015 “Global”.

➡ 7.


💿 Really nice song. I guess it was a new sound back there.

➡ 8.


💿 The song is often played in movies and series, like “Supernatural” .
The band exists just from 1967 til 1972. But the song will keep the rock alive.

➡ 9.


💿 The song was covered by Simply Red.
Its a lovely song.
Harad Melvin died 1997.

➡ 10.


💿 The song is a bit lazy but again: It fits wonderful into the soundtrack.
Doo-wop band. They never break up.

➡ 11.


💿Their latest record was released in 2014: Chicago XXXVI: now.
Don’t know what the CD is about but nice that they are still “there”.
One of the first members (Terry Kath) died 1978.

➡ 12.


💿 Just the melody nothing more.
Mr Newton Howard had a number one song with “The Hanging Tree” 2014 singing by the wonderful Jennifer Lawrence in “Mockingjay”.
James Newton Howard is a composer and producer. He wrote so many wonderful songs for so many brilliant movies.
Don’t forget the name.


You see: The Soundtrack has everything. If you just like 50s and 60s music with some 70s elements.
The Soundtrack was released in 1991, when the movie came into the cinema.

Dan Aykroyd
Jamie Lee Curtis
Macaulay Culkin
Anna Chlumsky


Wenn die Magie verboten wird und die Liebe ausstirbt, was passiert dann mit einer Welt, die nur dadurch existieren kann?

– Das magische Armband


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