Eurovision Song Contest





What a show!




Mans Zelmerlöw was an amazing host. He really made the show to his own.


He won the last years Eurovision

And this is his new song:



Yes, I’m a bit in love with this beautiful man. But back to the main theme.


I’m watching the Eurovision since 1998.


This song actually made it to position 7. I was a huge Stefan Raab fan. This was the beginning. I just had to watch it from this time year by year. Two years later Stafen Raab just made it on his own:


It is kind of funny even no one understood him – but that’s the point.

Sing in the native language and win or make it at least in the top 10. Stefan Raab didn’t win 2000 but he was Number 5.

Back to the 2016 competition.


It was a new voting system. Not just the viewers gave their points but also a judge from every possible country.





I’m sorry but I really didn’t like that song. I know about the political drama and how personal it is to the singer. But this is a music contest and political statements aren’t allowed – so are the rules..

I respect the fact that the song was about her Grandmother and the war II and Krim and … you can read about this eveywhere. She was brave but at the end this is a MUSIC Contest.

Performance and voice should be the main fact. And I didn’t like her voice. She was the last at my list.

Coming to my top songs: (not in order)



I think it’s such a shame that Germany and England are so far behind. They really should be at the Top 15 (Top 10) but this isn’t about music anymore. You can hide every statement in a songtext with some dancers in the background. I don’t want to get too much into the whole thing because I’m not here to discuss political things. I just want peace and happiness but this is not possible in a world like this and maybe it’s easy for me to talk about it. Far away from all the tragic – even we don’T have just sunshine in Germany either. And the past wasn’T our friend, too.

But as I said before: this is a music contest. And music means much for me. I love the show. I love to see so many different acts.

I love that I can chat with my friend from England (hello Emma) about the show. This is, what I enjoy about it. The connection. People from so many different places are coming together. Sing, dance, having fun. Without a show like this – this would never be possible. Music is so much more. But when the show will end up as a political contest, it doesn’t really make sense.

Sometimes we just need a break from all the trouble around. And I think most of the poeple just want to sit and enjoy a fantastic show. Like I said:

Mans was amazing.


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