How is your tbr bookshelf?
Or kind of.
My unread books

At the beginning of this year I wrote a blog about my own challenge. I wanted to read my shelf. And to be honest: I read many books from it which I had for a really long time. Like the Dan Brown books I read earlier this year. Or The Green Mile by Mr King.
The year is half over. My unread books are almost like six months before.
Even my currently reading is number 55. What happened?
Firstly: I had birthday. Easter came.
And I got one book from my husband. Some were totally cheap, others review examples or winning books.
There are just eight new paperbacks on my shelf.
All the others are still from last year or the years before.
I want to read at least half of them this year. I’m not sure if I will read them all but I keep trying.
And I still have about 50 unread ebooks on my Kindle.
Whoa, I wouldn’t need to buy new books these last six months.
But unfortunately I have some second parts without the first one. So I may need to buy the others.

At the moment I’m not really able to read. You may recognised that I didn’t posts many “read in 2016” in June.

Finger cross that I can read at least two more the next two weeks.



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