Bookchallenge June Day 28

I have to make day 28 now because I waited for two books and received them today.


Have to admit that I bought the Victoria Laurie book way before but just forgot it.


Today I got two books I’ve won ➡ reviews

🍀SchattenZeichen – Heike Rimmel
🍀Verflixt und Unsichtbar – Jana Himmel

➡ Have to read these two books during the next three weeks.

🍀 Gelöscht – Sabina S Schneider
🍀 Acht Sinne – Rose Snow
🍀 Sherlock Holmes – Arthur Conan Doyle
➡ All three for free in Kindle estore

🍀 Glitzerkram – Mara Winter
➡ 99ct

🍀 Make you happy
➡ Present from my friend

Just paid 99cts :):):):):)


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