Sometimes the whole world needs to make a break and breath through



I’m still in shock about the attack in Nice over the celebrations of their holiday.

I couldn’t post something yesterday apart of




I can’t believe why the world is in such a horrific terror feeling.

I can’t believe how some people reacted. They post #prayfornice and the next picture isn’t far away. Sure, life goes on. I know that and everyone can make it on their own. In this attack, so many children died. So many.

I even couldn’t post pictures of my challenges on my instagram or make promotion work for my books. It felt wrong to me.

The world falls apart and it seems so normal for us. I’m still shocked about everything. And not just about what happened in Nice but also all over the world.

It has to stop. It’s not about the rights or love or whatever. Not more.

We need to make a change about the conflicts and wars. Enough blood.  Enough is enough.


My thoughts are with the families and friends.



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