Bookchallenge Day 6 August 

My favourite re-read

Every year I have to read Pride and Prejudice. “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that …”

… I really love this book.

Every year, in December (when it’s her birthday) I have to read it. And every time I fall in love again with Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. I laugh with Mr Bingley and runaway with Lydia. 

Every time I hate Mr Collins a bit more and feel sorry for Lizzy that Wickham breaks her heart. Being happy that Charlotte gets settled (even it’s with Mr Collins but she just make the best of it). I love the story, I don’t know why. 

Maybe it’s because Jane Austen created so unique characters that you just can’t imagine how she made it. Mr Darcy is a bit dark (not that dark like the men from the Brontë girls but dark enough) and kind of mystery. But his best friend is so full of light and happiness. He always makes me smile. When Charles Bingley comes into a room the sun shines. 

The five sisters are so different to each other that it’s a amazing how to handle with them. 

And Jane’s and Lizzys parents! Wow! What a mother! 😉 

And I love the audio book! Spoken by #Rosamundpike ! It’s such a great version! 💕 

If you never read it: give it a chance. It’s totally worth to read once in a lifetime.

And if you already have: read Mr Darcy falls in love 


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