Bookchallenge November 28

New in


I got three of these books directly from the authors.

The audible book was a present from a friend.

I bought myself: the sweet little black penguin books,the book journal and the German version of Little Women. 



#90 read in 2016 -> Schattenchronik 1

Das Erbe der Macht - Schattenchronik 1: Das Erwachen (Bände 1-3)

Bookchallenge November 25+26+27

A versatile Author

I just had to think about this really hard. 

But at the I just had to come back to Shakespeare. No matter what: he just stole my heart 20 years ago. 

He wrote dramatic, poems, lyrics, historical plays, was an actor, wrote fantasy, comedian stories. Ghosts, witches,  strange animals and many others are in his stories. 

Day 26

November weather

It’s not that bad even I don’t really like autumn.

Day 27

Advent, advent one candle burns

Have a great start into the week!