Update, book haul and why I couldn’t read lately


Last week I was able to buy some books because I had a voucher.

The first half of December was really stressful. Work, making stuff for the day care of my son, wrapping up Christmas presents and lots of other things.

And during the second part of the month  I couldn’t really concentrate because my son and I drove a week earlier than my husband back home to my parents. My father smokes so much that I’m either tired or have headaches – mostly both – or my mother talks so much that I wouldn’t find the latest line I was in. 

Most of the time my eyes are just too dry. 

I actually read just one book and finished an audio book – review will follow.

But I’m happy that I bought new books for myself to read in 2017.

I will make a video about them soon. 

 I took these books with me in hope to have time. Normally I read much while I’m at my parents. Today I finally had some time to read Selection by Kiera Cass.

“Mordsdelikatessen” will be a kind of reread because I will make a new blog post for a blog tour in January. 

Next time I will show you some of other things I bought from my voucher. 

Like the sweet Funko Pop Iron Man 😍 
Have a good time. 


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