Bookchallenge 9+10 and why I love bookstagram

Good morning! 

I love being a part of bookstagram. It’s a huge community and everyone is welcome. I never thought that so many people would share the passion for books. I always was an outsider and the only person I knew who read. I couldn’t talk about books with others, couldn’t share my love for words. I was all alone. But some years ago I created my Instagram account (it must be 2013) and when I realised the thing with #bookstagram I knew I’ll meet other who understand. I love the pictures I see from the others. Love seeing the passion. I love that reading isn’t something to hide. I was alone when I was a kid. Noone understood me. But nowadays reading and showing books is so trendy and cool that so many do this. Even guys read and that’s awesome. It’s amazing that kids love to read and growing ups are obsessed with young adult books. 


🏵Photos with camera or mobile phone🏵
I always do my photos and videos with my phone 💜

🏵Ob ich eine Kamera oder ein Handy für meine Fotos benutze?🏵
Handy. Ich mache auch meine YouTube Videos mit dem Smartphone, bearbeite sie auch direkt. Fotos, Collagen und ähnliches, mache ich komplett mit dem Handy. Ich finde, die Qualität ist durchaus gut 😊
Die Jane Austen Handyhülle hab ich von meiner Schwester @manuzachi bekommen, ist aber mittlerweile kaputt. Natürlich wird sie aufgehoben.

🏵Favorite bookmark🏵

I don’t always use a bookmark. But I love the one with the Shakespeare quote. I don’t use it. It’s on my wall. 


Ich hab “I’ll Call for a Pen and ink and write my mind” von einer Freundin bekommen und es an meine Wand gehängt.
Das Buch “The Beatles” von Peter Kemper hab ich Neu.

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