Bookchallenge June Day 28

I have to make day 28 now because I waited for two books and received them today.


Have to admit that I bought the Victoria Laurie book way before but just forgot it.


Today I got two books I’ve won ➡ reviews

🍀SchattenZeichen – Heike Rimmel
🍀Verflixt und Unsichtbar – Jana Himmel

➡ Have to read these two books during the next three weeks.

🍀 Gelöscht – Sabina S Schneider
🍀 Acht Sinne – Rose Snow
🍀 Sherlock Holmes – Arthur Conan Doyle
➡ All three for free in Kindle estore

🍀 Glitzerkram – Mara Winter
➡ 99ct

🍀 Make you happy
➡ Present from my friend

Just paid 99cts :):):):):)


Bookchallenge June Day 29+30

Sorry, for not posting yesterday.
I have to skip Day 27 for now because I’m waiting to get one or two books before I can make my bookhaul June. I’ve won two book and hope to get them soon.


My reading month is really sad.
Couldn’t read much because some books made me feel so lazy to get on.

But there are still six books.

You can see by my stars which books I liked most.

But my favourite (which is day 30 of this challenge) is

Demons are a ghouls best friend
➡ By Victoria Laurie.

Second favourite
Bis zum letzten Herzschlag
➡ By Jasmin Winter