#2 German Bands and Singer ‘Z’ part one





Okay, so I have to skip some letters but this is the last but really not least.

Actually, next to Sasha, this is my favorite.

Zascha Moktan born 1981.



I really fell in love with this song when I first listen to it. They took the song for the commercial of the last Gilmore Girls season (7) and it fits so amazing that I just had to buy the cd.

Okay, actually she’s from New Dheli but she moved with her parents to Germany when she was six and I think that this was brilliant. Because I don’t know if I would know her music of she wouldn’t move to Germany (what a sentance but you got it, right?)



In 2011 her latest record was released ‘State of mind’.






#2 German Bands and Singer ‘T’ part three



➡Casting 10⬅



Thomas Godoj


Winner of the 5th season of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”

I was never really a fan of the winner of this show (I’m a huge fan of Will Young who won Pop Idol, but that’s another story I wanna tell you soon).

But Thomas Godoj was different, much more rock and totally cool style. I just have this cd but I like the mix of German and English vocals.




#2 German bands and singer ‘T’ part two





➡Casting 9⬅


Actually, this is the Soundtrack from the first The Voice of Germany season.

I got this CD from a friend.

The following Link will show you the Blind auditions.

And she was the winner of the first season:



I think the song reminds totally of Bond, James Bond 😉


Here is the winner of 2015:









#2 German Bands and Singers ‘T’ part one





The BossHoss

Actually , I don’t know why I just have one record but guess I’ll have the others sooner or later too.

Because I love this Rock’a’Billy style.

Alec and Sascha were also coaches in The Voice of Germany.


This is one of their newest songs:



Which is so amazing and cool.

If you’re not from Germany but you may love that texas style, try to get it. You won’t regret. It’s totally amazong.







#2 German Bands and Singer ‘S’ part one





Good news on a bad Day.


I’ve already posted something of this amazong singer (who’s a coach of the new season of The Voice Kids). He’s the voice behind Dick Brave.

His first music



This was the beginning. And I actually remember that I really loved his voice and look. He was so cute and sweet but I didn’t buy a cd this time.



I really love the sounds. Totally. Aww, I’m in love.



#2 German bands and singer ‘R’ part two

➡Casting 8⬅


Room 2012. Actually I can’t imagine why this band had never really a chance.

2007 – 2010

I really liked they first CD.






Cristóbal Gálvez Moreno
Julian Kasprzik
Sascha Salvati
Tialda van Slogteren