Sunday Update

Good morning!

Sorry for not being really active lately and for not writing my latest reviews in English too but I will update it.

This week wasn’t the best. I was with my son in hospital from Monday to Wednesday (it was planned). And I still have a cold and my voice isn’t recovered yet.

I will also keep up with showing you my CDs. But not like earlier because it was too much work.

And with the other challenges from this month. 

That was it for now.


“Wake me up before you gogo” – Wham. 


June 9th


Johnny Depp
I wanted post this yesterday but forgot it. Sorry.

It’s not easy to talk about Johnny Depp without knowing that he has a huge problem. Amber.
I don’t know what the truth is. Mr Depp had or has problems with alcohol. He struggled since years but mostly since his marriage.
Anyway, I’m sorry and hope that the truth will comes out. Soon. Because it could ruin everything.