Music tip

Okay, I may posted this one month before. But it’s still my favourite.

It’s so amazing and wonderful.

Jason Wade – was in the band Lifehouse – has such an incredible voice that I always get goosebumps.

Especially this song hits me totally. It speaks out of mind and into my heart.

Listen to his songs. You can download sportify for free (this is not an affiliate link or post).

He brings an album out soon but it’s just for downloading not a cd. I actually collect CDs, so I hope I can buy it sometimes.

Shiny silver beast is another amazing song.

Listen to it. You will love it.


Top ten Christmas Songs (okay, it’s more)






Hey guys!

Christmas is close and we are totally overswept by christmas songs. I love it. Totally. Can’t get enough of them. Or at least of a few of it. I don’t need “last christmas” so often but once a day. That’ll be enough even I like Wham! But you actually get it all over.

I was tagged via Instagram a while ago to write down my top 10 songs.

I actually have to cheat a bit because I can’t decide which song I should take from one or another album I have or listen to at youtube.

While you’ll scroll down this post you see more than ten songs and may wonder why I chose them.

There are lots of great songs out there. ‘White christmas’, ‘coming home for christmas’ and so many other well-known songs. But while I’d really thought about it I finally came to the point that I have to pick the songs up they plopp into my mind. They aren’T in order and next week I could take other songs. These are related to christmas. Some has a strong meaning, others are just sweet and peaceful.

And I’ll post other songs til christmas on my blog but for now I’m okay with the songs you’ll listen to in this one.

Hope you enjoy it .

The first CD I have to pick is the Soundtrack from an Ally McBeal Special.

You remember Ally McBeal?



I love that Robert Downey Jr version. He is such a great singer!!


I really enjoy this version by Calista Flockhart.


The next CD is from Pentatonix. I so love this band! They are awesome and really talented.

That’s christmas to me has 11 christmas songs. They really get me into the whole winter feeling which I love and enjoy. Even my husband and son love it. (My son, Robert, doesn’t care if it’s a christmas album because he could listen to the songs during the year).



You see: the album has lots of great songs. So which shall I choose?


Ronan Keating with Winter songs.

Here again. I can’t pick just one from this album:



There are 12 songs on this album and every single one are totally awesome.

Ronan gets me every time. He has a voice full of drama and sweetness. He catch me whenever I listen to him. He just hit my heart 😉


Now I’ll come to another fabulous band: The overtones.



Saturday Night at the Movies Limited Christmas edition.

Coming to another Band I really love.

East 17

I love them since 1993 and yes: I say it out loud: I l.o.v.e.  East 17.

The background to the song is so sad that I really get goosebumps while thinking about it. The song was written by Tony Mortimer and it’s about his brother who decided to die when Tony was a kid. Stay another day.

Okay, that was a sad song. Back to the lights of christmas.

This song is so sweet and beautiful.

I love the movie “Love actually” and

is such a cute version. Hugh Grant is brilliant in this movie 😉


Britney Spears. Yes, I’m just honest.

It’s a cute christmas song whatever you think 😉


Okay, okay. Got me.

Here it is:

I admire the Beatles. This song is so meaningful and wonderful. With a powerful voice. John Lennon was such a great person with all his stop war, make love.

Santa Claus is coming to Town.

Jackson 5

Oh, I love this band totally. Michael Jackson was such a genius.


How could I not take Chuck Berry with ‘Run Rudolph Run’? It’s so jazzy and has a great beat .

Bing Cosby and David Bowie. A classic.

I really love Little Drummer Boy. It’s a great song.

Do they know it’s christmas time?