musicchallenge – Oldies – The Supremes

musicchallenge – Oldies – The Supremes


Wow, long time ago since my last music post. I thought about not writing or making too much in one post but still try to get all of my cds this year. There are so many more to show. My collection has about 500 Cds (I’d counted them but got some new)


Oh, wow. I love this song so much. It was covered serveral times (by Boyzone – Ronan Keating, Phil Collins) but this is such a chilly and smooth version. It has the motown in it but with a goosebumbs feeling.

Pop, Soul, R’n”B

My Best of CD has a lovely German version


I guess that other countries has their own version.

Where did our love go.


This Soul Legend Best of The Supremes and Diana Ross has every hit single. I really enjoy listening to this CD while I dream, read or write. It’s so sweet and lovely.



I love Diana Ross’ voice. She was Michael Jacksons best friend.

The band made music from 1959 til 1977 together.

Band members:

Source Wikipedia:


The Supremes, Florence Ballard, Mary Wilson und Diana Ross, (1965), (v.l.n.r.)
Allgemeine Informationen
Genre(s) Pop, Soul, R&B
Gründung 1959
Auflösung 1977
Gesang Florence Ballard (bis 1967)
Gesang Mary Wilson
Gesang Diana Ross (bis 1970)
Gesang Betty McGlown-Travis (bis 1960)
Ehemalige Mitglieder
Gesang Barbara Martin (1960)
Gesang Cindy Birdsong (1967–1972, 1973–1976)
Gesang Jean Terrell (1970–1973)
Gesang Lynda Laurence (1972–1973)
Gesang Scherrie Payne (ab 1973)
Gesang Susaye Greene (ab 1976)


Alben and Singles:



The Supremes

Jahr Album Titel US chart UK chart US R&B chart
1962 Meet the Supremes 7
1964 Where Did Our Love Go 2 1
1964 A Bit of Liverpool 21 5
1965 The Supremes Sing Country, Western and Pop 79
1965 We Remember Sam Cooke 75 5
1965 More Hits by the Supremes 6 2
1965 The Supremes at the Copa 11 6
1965 Merry Christmas 6 (Holiday)
1966 I Hear a Symphony 8 1
1966 The Supremes A’ Go-Go 1 15 1
1967 The Supremes Sing Holland-Dozier-Holland 6 15 1
1967 The Supremes Sing Motown 15
1967 The Supremes Sing Rodgers & Hart 20 25 3

Diana Ross & the Supremes

Jahr Album Titel US chart UK chart US R&B chart
1967 Greatest Hits 1 1 1
1968 Reflections 18 30 3
1968 Live at London’s Talk of the Town 57 6 6
1968 Diana Ross & The Supremes Sing and Perform “Funny Girl” 150 45
1968 Diana Ross & The Supremes Join the Temptations 2 1 1
1968 Love Child 14 8 3
1968 TCB
(Diana Ross & the Supremes and The Temptations)
1 11 1
1969 Let the Sunshine In 24 7
1969 Together
(Diana Ross & the Supremes and The Temptations)
28 28 6
1969 Cream of the Crop 33 3
1969 G.I.T. on Broadway
(Diana Ross & The Supremes and The Temptations)
38 4
1969 Greatest Hits Vol. 3 31 5
1970 Farewell 46 31
1971 Magnificent Seven
(Diana Ross & the Supremes & The Four Tops)
1977 20 Golden Greats 1
1989 Love Supreme 10


Jahr Single US UK DE
1963 When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes 23
1964 Where Did Our Love Go 1 3 16
1964 Baby Love 1 1 15
1964 Come See About Me 1 27
1965 Thank You Darling 18
1965 Stop! In the Name of Love 1 7 3
1965 Back in My Arms Again 1 40 34
1965 Nothing But Heartaches 11
1965 I Hear a Symphony 1 39
1965 My World Is Empty Without You 5
1966 Love Is Like an Itching in My Heart 9
1966 You Can’t Hurry Love 1 3
1966 You Keep Me Hangin’ On 1 8
1967 Love is Here and Now You’re Gone 1 17
1967 The Happening 1 6
1967 Reflections 2 5
1967 In and Out of Love 9 13
1968 Forever Came Today 28 28
1968 Some Things You Never Get Used To 30 34
1968 Love Child 1 15
1968 I’m Gonna Make You Love Me 2 3
1969 I’ll Try Something New 25
1969 I’m Livin’ in Shame 10 14
1969 The Composer 27
1969 No Matter What Sign You Are 31 37
1969 I Second That Emotion
& The Temptations
1969 Someday We’ll Be Together 1 13
1970 Why (Must We Fall In Love)
& The Temptations
1970 Up the Ladder to the Roof 10 6
1970 Everybody´s Got The Right To Love 21
1970 Stoned Love 7 3
1971 River Deep Mountain High 14
1971 Nathan Jones 16 5
1971 You Gotta Have Love In Your Heart 55
1971 Touch 71
1972 Floy Joy 16 9
1972 Automatically Sunshine 37 10
1972 Your Wonderful, Sweet Sweet Love 59
1972 I Guess I´ll Miss The Man 85
1973 Bad Weather 87
1974 Baby Love
1976 I’m Gonna Let My Heart Do The Walking 40
1976 You´re My Drivin Wheel 85
1989 Stop! In The Name Of Love

The Monkees


This is a post to my music 60th collection.


I really love the Monkees!
Their sound is so smooth but makes so much fun.

My favourite song is

Daydream Believer

Band Members
Michael Nesmith
Davy Jones (died 2012)
Micky Dolenz
Peter Tork

The Beatles







Finally I’m going on with my music challenge.

This is part of my sixties collection.



I’m a huge fan of The Beatles. I know it doesn’t seems like, otherwise I would have more CDs but they aren’t easy to find or totally expansive – which is, of cause – right because they are heroes!

When I’m listening to their music, I always want to sing, dance and having fun.


Or I want to cry and enjoy a little silence.

My favourite song is




My love for that band started when I was a kid. At the beginning of the 90s a new version of ‘Yellow Submarine” came out and I thought: “That’s pretty cool”. I didn’t know that it was mostly about drugs and stuff but I found out who this band was.


Once a fan, always a fan.

When I was in school one of my teachers loved that band too and he gave me a music cassette with all the amazing songs. I guess I still have this MC somewhere.

It was cool to talk with a teacher about music.

Anyway. My sister is a fan too. Which was always good because sharing a room and don’t having the same taste in music would be a problem.



John Lennon:

October, 9th 1940 – December, 8th 1980

I know that it was before my time but to know that he died in such a tragic way is still a shock.

He was so young, had a family and was the icon of a whole generation and far beyond.

Lennon wrote most of the song.

the beatles john lennon


George Harrison

February, 25th 1943 – November 29th 2001.

It was a shock when he died because of cancer.

smile laughing the beatles george harrison



Richard Henry Parkin Starkey alias Ringo Starr was born July, 7th 1940.

Last record: Postcards from Paradise 2015.

He is one of the most amazing drummer in music-history.


the beatles george harrison ringo starr


SIR  (James) Paul McCartney was born June 18th, 1942.

Paul McCartney is amazing! I totally love his voice


I don’t like Rihanna and Kayne West but this project shows that he is still totally popular.

Next month a new CD is coming out:

When I take a look about the genre, it seems that this record could be something special. It’s listed in Jazz, Rock and Pop.

no the beatles paul mccartney excuse me

music the beatles

The Beatles were the first boyband the girls just screamed for and cried (and had some daydreams 😉 It was the time when girls found out about music. Different to Elvis. The fab four were sweet, sexy and funny.  Without their music the world wouldn’t be the same.

Search peace imagine john lennon beatles images

beatles, colors, imagine, love, music, peace - image #99658 on Favim ...

Sometimes I think the world needs more of John Lennons “Imagine”. More of the hope and trust.


Have to say goodbye for now. Maybe I’ll write a new post about that amazing band soon. They deserve all the love they get.

I’m totally proud to be a fan of them since 1994 ➡ when Yellow Submarine was rereleased for their anthology.

Maybe even earlier but this is what I remember. I was nine years old.


#3 Oldies -> MOTOWN <- Okay, it's not really oldies but hope it counts ,-)



l’ll post some songs from this wonderful CD.

Motown No.1s

So you just have to sit, smile, relax and listen. That’s everything you need to know about these music.


I love Motown songs. Totally. I love the sound and style.



I hope you have a good time. 😍💕



#3 Oldies #2


Here I am again. Going to get all of my compilations done today, so I can continue with the bands 😉


The next two cds are Rock’n’Roll alben.

i love Rock’n’Roll songs. They always make me wanna dance and smile. Or even cry – it depends 😉

I actually found them many years ago.

Rock’n’Roll Legends

High School Confidential



Johnny B. Goode is such a brillian song. And if you know the movie “Back to the future” you will never be aible to listen to it without thinking of Marty McFly singing THAT song while playing guitar. This is epic.





Good old Rock’n’Roll Times




#3 Oldies #1




Okay, so I’m going to write about Oldies and sixties music.

I’m a huge fan about the music of the 50s and 60s. I have some compilations and of cause CDs by some awesome musicians.

But I don’t want to talk about every song on the CDs. It’s a matter of time, I think but I finally want to go further my project.


Lets talk about “The Fab Sixties Volume 3” and “The Fab Sixties Volume 11”

I didn’t find them on amazon but in a small shop.



Yes, it’s Peggy Sue I first choose. I really love Buddy Holly and have his music on a CD too. He died totally too young!




The Supremes with “You can’t hurry love” is one of my absolutly favourite songs ever. I have a best of album from this amazing band, so I’ll talk more soon about them.