Reader ask Reader Challenge #5



Kannst du während des Lesens Musik hören?


Ohne geht es gar nicht. Ich such mir allerdings passende Musik raus. Ist das Buch traurig, dann höre ich mehr langsame Songs. 

Wenn ich demnächst also mit dem Buch über My Chemical Romance beginne, dann werde ich auch ihre Musik nebenbei hören. Darauf freue ich mich sehr. 


Do you listen to music while reading?


I can’t live without music and books. Why not combinate them?

Reading a book and listen to music which fits to the story. When I read Twilight, I listened to the Soundtracks.

And when I start reading the My Chemical Romance book I’m going to listen to their songs. I’m totally looking forward.



Placebo have something new. 

They are one of my favourite bands. Since 1999 when the Cruel Intention Soundtrack came out and they released Every you, every me. 

I don’t want to write much because the band will get another post soon when I get the time to blog another treat of my music challenge stuff. 

Anyway. Just two left. But happily Brian Molko is still up and his voice is as smooth and rough as always. I love how he acts and sings and plays guitar. 

It’s not a really new record but a best of with two new tracks. I bought Jesus Son because it’s not available on the German YouTube channel and I actually couldn’t listen to it. I even wanted to post the link from the making of but it’s not available too. 

I’m happy I bought it because it is totally amazing. I like the darkness and the light in it. It’s nothing new but they keep their own style and that is everything I wanted. I don’t need computer music, strange voices without any sound. No trance, techno or other kinds. As simple as possible with hand making music and instruments. 

My taste in music is like a rainbow. I need the mixture. I need different kinds of music. I love pop, rock, alternative, sweet love songs and heavy sounds. Heartbreaking lyrics or deep meaning texts.

And I think that Placebo do have them all in their repertoire. 
What do you prefer?