Ronan Keating in concert


I am a really huge Ronan Keating fan! And this wasn’t my first concert of him I’d been but it was my favourite of all time.

I’m not a concert girl but I love to see this beautiful man live on stage.

I started to listen to Boyzone when I was just nine years old (in 1994).

I mourned so much when Stephen Gately died. That’s why it was so sweet to hear that Keating still thinks about his later band member. 

The feeling of the concert was a bit like a theatre adventure. He really talked much about his latest album Time of my life 

When he talked about the work and the writings he sounded so honestly and openly. He smiled much and danced like never before. I know that this wasn’t the only time he acts like this but he didn’t look tired or bored. The passion in his voice was sweeping over to everyone.

The whole concert had just seats but this was totally awesome. Sitting while the smooth and lovesongs like If tomorrow never comes, standing and dancing when he sang Life is a Rollercoaster.

It was a great experience and I’m happy that Ronan makes what he loves.

I will make a longer post when I’m up with my music challenge but for now it’s okay.

My convert was in Frankfurt. 

When he sang Falling Slowly I had tears in my eyes. This song is so powerful and strong. I know it’s not his own one but he made it like it. I love the dramatic parts.