Gestern konnte ich endlich wieder an meinem aktuellen Projekt arbeiten.

Eine Freundin hatte mein Buch gelesen und lektoriert. Nun bin ich gestern endlich wieder dazu gekommen, es abzuarbeiten. Hab auf Seite 344 begonnen und bin bis Seite 510 gekommen. Noch 7 Seiten, dann fertig. Allerdings geht es danach noch in die Nachbearbeitung und am Ende checke ich alles erneut mit einem Rechtschreibprogramm.

Mein gestrieger Soundtrack

Greys Anatomy Volume 2

Twilight Breaking Dawn

The Vampire Diaries 

Roxette Best of.
Vielleicht schaffe ich es ja doch noch bei NaNoWriMo mitzumachen. 

Wünsche euch einen schönen Tag.


#1 Soundtracks overview


Here is the list with all the links.

A walk to remember

All McBeal

August Rush

Bridget Jones 2


Cruel Intentions

Dawson’s Creek

Dirty Dancing

Finding Neverland



McLeods Töchter (McLeads Daughters)

My Girl

Notting Hill

Pride and Prejudice


The O.C.


You’ve got mail

Vampire Diaries

Wenn die Magie verboten wird und die Liebe ausstirbt, was passiert dann mit einer Welt, die nur dadurch existieren kann?

– Das magische Armband

#1 Soundtrack “T” part 3


I have all of the Soundtracks.
It would be too much to talk about every song.
I’m a huge fan of the Soundtracks of Twilight. I listen to them a lot. Even when I write on my books I listen to them.
I have some cds of some of these artists.
💿Muse. They are pretty cool. I like the sound.
💿Paramore. I really like the style. I do have some other records of the band.
💿The black ghosts. The song is cool. New moon, fits.
💿 Linkin Park. I have many cds from them. One of my favorites.
💿Mutemath. The song is really cool and totally fast.
💿Perry Farrell. I like that the song seems to be made for the movie.
At the dance.
💿 Collective Soul. Never heard of them before but could imagine to get more from them.
💿Blue Foundation. Another “new” style.
💿Rob Pattinson. I’d never believed it but I think this song is really amazing. One of my favorites of this CD.
💿Iron & Wine. Cute song, lovely voice.
💿Carter Burwell. Bella’s Lullaby. Love it.


In another posting I’ll write about the movie (and book).
💿Death Cab for a Cutie ➡ meet me on the Equinox ⬅
Amazing band. Great song.
💿Band of Sculls. ➡Friends ⬅
I really need to more of this band. I love their style.
💿 Thom Yorke ➡ Hearing damage ⬅
Much melody or instrumental but amazing.
💿Lykke Li ➡ possibility⬅
Good and slow song.
💿The Killers➡ A white demon love song ⬅ really well known band. Great song.
💿 Anya Marina ➡Satellite heart ⬅
The song is not bad.
💿Muse. ➡I belong to you⬅ Muse are Great. Really love the style.
💿Bon Iver and St. Vincent ➡Rosyln⬅
Its kind of good.
💿 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club ➡Done all wrong⬅ I like this song.
💿Hurricane Bells ➡Monsters⬅ Really cool rock song with guitar part.
💿Sea Wolf ➡The Violet Hour⬅
With lots of drums, really cool.
💿ok go. ➡Shooting the moon ⬅ remember the scene with Jacob and Bella in the garage?
💿Grizzly Bear (with Victoria Legrand) ➡Slow Life⬅ Bella jumped into the sea.
Cool song.
💿Editors ➡ No sound but the wind ⬅
I don’t really like the voice.
💿Alexandre Desplat ➡New Moon⬅
Love this melody.
💿Jennifer Rostock ➡es tut wieder weh⬅ German song guess it’s just for the German version. But it’s okay.


💿Metric ➡Eclipse ⬅ good start into the soundtrack.
💿muse. ➡Neutronstarcollision⬅ muse again. Yes but it’s really awesome. 💿The bravery ➡ours⬅ it’s not a bad song.
💿Florence and the Machine ➡heavy in your arms⬅ maybe the loneliest song I like from them.
💿sia ➡my love⬅ I love this song. So sweet.
💿Fanfarlo ➡Atlas⬅ not so my style.
💿The black keys ➡chop and change⬅ powerful song.
💿The dead weather ➡rolling on a burning fire ⬅ dramatic song.
💿Beck and bat for lashes ➡let’s get lost⬅kind of sexy.
💿The vampire weekend ➡Jonathan Love ⬅ I like that band. Great song.
💿Unkle ➡with you in my head ⬅ a Bit lazy meanwhile but gets faster.
💿Eastern conference champions ➡a million miles an hour ⬅ like it.
💿Band of horses ➡life on earth ⬅ love that song. Great band.
💿Cee Lo Green ➡what part of forever ⬅ Really good.
💿Howard Shore ➡Jacobs theme ⬅ I love that melody song. 💜
💿MiMi ➡ don’t you mourn the sun⬅ good song at the end. Fast one.


I will just give x/5 this time. Sorry.
💿The joy formidable ➡endtapes ⬅4/5
💿Angus and Julia Stone ➡love will take you⬅3/5
💿Bruno Mars ➡it will rain⬅5/5
💿Sleeping at last➡turning page⬅4/5
💿The features ➡from now on⬅5/5
💿Christina Perri ➡a thousand years⬅ 5/5💜💜💜💜💜
💿Theophilus London ➡neighbors ⬅3/5
💿The belle brigade ➡ I didn’t mean it⬅ 5/5
💿Noisettes ➡sister Rosetta ⬅ 5/5
💿Cider Sky ➡northern lights⬅4/5
💿Iron and Wine ➡flightless birds, American mouth ⬅5/5 💜💜💜💜💜
💿Imperial Mammoth ➡requiem on water⬅ 4/5
💿Aqualung and Lucy Schwartz ➡cold⬅4/5
💿mia maestro ➡llovera ⬅5/5
💿Carter Burwell ➡love death birth. ⬅5/5


💿Passion Pit ➡where I come from⬅
💿Ellie Goulding ➡bittersweet ⬅ I’m not a Fan but the song is okay. 3.5/5
💿Feist ➡Fire in The water ⬅4.5/5
💿The boom circuits ➡everything and nothing ⬅5/5
💿St.Vincent ➡the antidote ⬅4.5/5
💿Pop etc ➡speak up⬅4/5
💿Iko ➡heart of stone⬅5/5
💿A boy and his kite ➡cover your tracks⬅5/5
💿James Vincent McMorrow ➡ghosts⬅3.5/5
💿Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed (Somerhalder) ➡all I’ve ever needed⬅ I don’t really like Nikki Reed. But the song is okay. 4/5
💿Reeve Carney ➡new for you⬅5/5
💿Christina Perri feat. Steve Kazee ➡a thousand years (part 2)⬅5/5💜💜💜💜💜
💿Carter Burwell ➡ plus que ma propre vie ⬅ another melody. Perfect end.


Here is the fact: on some parts I like the Soundtracks more than the movies.

Wenn die Magie verboten wird und die Liebe ausstirbt, was passiert dann mit einer Welt, die nur dadurch existieren kann?

– Das magische Armband

#1 Soundtrack “T” part two


The O.C.
I really loved this series and the soundtrack.


💿 This is a indie Rock band from England. Their sound had some electric elements but not so much in this song.
Its a great sound and I enjoy listen to it.


💿 Jemma Griffith is a from Wales.
JEMs style is kind of alternative indie pop.
I like her voice and the song.


💿 An US singer and guitar player.
He’s on so many soundtracks like The Bourne Identity, Dawson’s Creek, Grey’s Anatomy.
I love the smoothness in his voice. So low with so much power. The song is amazing.


💿Alternative Rock band since 1994.
Last record 2014 “They want my soul”.
I like that song.


💿 Australian rock band. 2001 – 2012
I like the sound of the song. Love the instruments.


💿 Indie Pop Band since 2003.
They had an appearance in How I met your mother at Marshalls and Lily wedding.
Interesting sound.


💿 British indie rock band from Manchester
There songs are on different soundtracks like Zombieland, scubs.
The English indie sound is really amazing.


💿 Turin Brakes. Folk Pop Duo. Last record 2013 “we were here”.
Here again: the English music just made this Soundtrack. Their influence is really huge. They are from Belham.


💿 really cool band from Portland, Oregon.
Last record “this machine” 2012.
Mega hit: Bohemian like you.
Their name was inspired by Andy Warhol.


💿 Finley Quayes last album “Royal Rasses” was released in 2014. He’s a reggae singer and still makes music.

William Ørbit worked together with Madonna, Britney Spears and Blur.
Brush music producer.

The song is really cool.


💿 Scottish singer.
Aww, this is my favorite song on this CD. Its such a wonderful ballad.


💿 1994-2008 and since 2012.
Band from LA.
You know the song, don’t you? It was such a smash hit. Got an album from Phantom Planet.
The single reached number 13 in Germany and 9 in UK.


I love the songs. I really love Indie Rock and Alternative music.

Wenn die Magie verboten wird und die Liebe ausstirbt, was passiert dann mit einer Welt, die nur dadurch existieren kann?

– Das magische Armband